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UK: The new Civil Liability Bill – will it mean a better discount rate soon?

The Government’s proposed Civil Liability Bill has just had its first reading in Parliament. The Bill proposes a new method of calculating the discount rate and ways in which to reduce the number of whiplash claims. The discount rate The discount rate is the percentage used to adjust compensation awards for victims of serious personal

Posted in Regulatory and legislative updates, UK

UK: Tackling the whiplash compensation culture: Government proposes reforms

The Issue The number of RTA (road traffic accident) related soft tissue injury claims (known as ‘whiplash claims’) has increased by 50% since 2006.  This is despite the fact that the UK’s roads are among the safest in Europe, improvements in vehicle safety and a decrease in the number of reported road accidents. A significant reason for

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A new milestone in the Spanish insurance sector: the reform of the Scale

The Law 35/2015 has modified the system for the valuation of personal damages in car accidents, known generally as the “Scale” (“Baremo”). The new Scale, that is going to enter into force next 1 January 2016, is a key development for the Spanish Insurance sector as a whole because it will not be only applied