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Italy: IVASS representative will be speaking at our roundtable on new investment limits for insurance companies

On 15 April 2015 Mr Fausto Parente, the Head of rule-making and supervision of IVASS (the Italian insurance supervisory authority), will be speaking at  the HL roundtable at our office in Rome with videoconference to our Milan office. Mr Parente will discuss the new investment limits for insurance companies in light of the recent amendments to IVASS Regulation concerning the guidelines on investments and assets eligible for technical reserves of insurance companies (Regulation 36/2011). Such amendments, set out by IVASS resolution of 21 October 2014, aimed at aligning Regulation 36/2011 with the Italian AIFMD implementing rules and at widening the range of investments permitted to insurance companies.

Click here for the invitation and further details (in Italian).